Prototype Sticker: Colonial Flag background with Scope symbol


The design differences between prototype and final products are subtle. The changes were to modify the scope lens of some design variations and brighten the inset bracket in the Glock rear sight. These changes aren’t very noticeable from a distance. The most significant change is that the final stickers are smaller than the prototype stickers. The dimensions of the prototype items (magnets and stickers) are approximately 11 x 3 inches.

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The Founding Fathers shared the philosophy behind this design. The Declaration of Independence contains the phrase, “We must hold our Brittish brethren, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.” Thomas Jefferson was almost certainly familiar with the quote by Thucydides that inspired this project, as he once stated, “I have given up newspapers, in exchange for Tacitus and Thucydides, for Newton and Euclid, and I find myself much the happier.” This particular design variation, therefore, connects the wisest ancient military philosophy with our own courageous and intellectually rich heritage, and frames it with modern symbolism.


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