What’s Wrong with the Police?

I work for a very prominent anti-civil rights organization. You may have heard of this organization. It’s called “the government.” Specifically, I work for a relatively large American law enforcement agency. Like many new peace officers, I quickly realized that the expectations and demands of my employing agency didn’t match what I thought my role as a peace officer should be. In fact, in many cases what was expected of me was the exact opposite of what I had anticipated. I also quickly noticed that many of my colleagues were not the upstanding, honorable type of men I thought filled the ranks of law enforcement. For the first several years of my career I remained in a state of frustration and confusion but the root cause seemed vague and elusive. For the last few years I’ve spent some time thinking about this issue. The following are my opinions regarding problems that I observe in American police culture and behavior based on personal experience, current events, history, scripture study, and my knowledge of various details of human behavior and psychology. I’ve studied to educate myself but I’m not an expert in any of these areas. I could be wrong about some of the details in this article but I’m confident in the overall message. I’m learning as I go. I hope to encourage people to think about these issues.

Some of the beliefs that shape my opinions are based on my religious background and personal experiences. You may disagree with these beliefs but the rest of the information should still interest you.

I believe that the ongoing battle between human freedom and enslavement is spiritual in nature. There is a God and he represents absolute right and truth. God intends for man to be free to choose good or evil. This freedom is so important that God gave his Son to suffer and die for our sins. If God had not given man the freedom to choose his own actions either good or evil, men could not sin and there would be no need for Jesus to pay the price for our sins, and his sacrifice, the greatest gift of all, would be unnecessary. There is a battle between good and evil on Earth and it’s a battle between heavenly and satanic forces, and the destruction of man’s freedom is one of Satan’s primary objectives in order to devalue Christ’s sacrifice. Therefore men who seek and act to reduce the freedom of other men are acting under Satan’s influence. Obviously, police contribute considerably to the reduction in freedom of their countrymen by enforcing unconstitutional, oppressive laws, engaging in massive corruption, and by being willing participants in conspiracies intended to subvert the free exercise of human rights (Operation Fast and Furious, for example). When police engage in these activities they are ultimately performing Satan’s work.

I also believe that God inspired the Founding Fathers to write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and establish a legitimate government so that freedom (especially freedom of religion) could exist in America.

There are two principles that I think are important to understand in order to put police behavior in perspective. First, human nature never changes; not across time or distance, not between cultures or races or any other perceived differences in human conditions. Ecclesiastes chapter one verses nine through ten states, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.” Therefore insight into the question, “What’s wrong with the police?” can be found by examining the role and behavior of armed government agents throughout world history. Second, every society is made up of all kinds of people. Within any society one can find good and evil, leaders and followers, sane and insane, courageous and cowardly, smart and dumb, industrious and lazy, wise and foolish, generous and selfish, honest and deceptive, self-respecting and shameless, magnanimous and depraved, loving and hateful, et cetera. The importance of this principle becomes apparent when the police hiring and promotion process is examined and one sees what type of person gets hired and what type gets passed over.

Let’s define the historic role of police so we have a realistic, universal perspective. A generic definition of police officers would be: “Armed government agents whose task is to enforce the absolute will of those in political power. Their duties include but are not limited to: regular periodic confiscation of wealth and property from the populace by force for the enrichment of the ruling class (taxation), surveillance of the populace for signs of possible resistance and effective suppression of any such resistance, elimination of real or perceived threats to the political power or safety of the ruling class by any means necessary, and any additional duties deemed necessary to increase the power and wealth of the ruling class.” Basically, the historic role of armed government agents has been to oppress and enslave the people for the benefit of the elite ruling class and ensure the continuation of government power in return for a share of the loot.

Rubens, Peter Paul
Massacre Of The Innocents

The painting above depicts a biblical example of this principle. Matthew chapter two verse sixteen reads: “Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.”

King Herod was the highest-ranking government official in his geographic region. He learned that a new king (Jesus) had been born. Not knowing the exact identity of the new king, Herod sent armed government agents to Bethlehem to kill all the children under two years of age in order to eliminate the threat to his political power. The government employees murdered the children on the king’s behalf. Government employees acting on orders from a government official eventually did kill Jesus.

Here’s a more current and familiar example of how oppression and enslavement of the population is accomplished in practice: Crime, poverty, and war are the lifeblood of government. There would be no justification for government at all if those things suddenly ceased to exist. At least, not the power-mad control-freak type of government we are currently burdened with. There would be no justification for legislators, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, or law enforcement personnel; no false justification for the giant unconstitutional welfare bureaucracy currently justified by deceit and funded by coercion, theft, and debt; no need for generals, soldiers, or intelligence agencies; no false justification for increasing taxation, government expansion, and the one thing government insatiably craves above all else: power. Therefore the ruling class has an intrinsic interest in encouraging and creating ever-higher levels of crime, poverty, and war.

Regarding the issue of crime, consider that a large percentage of crime is committed by a relatively small percentage of the population. Judges, lawyers, legislators, and others who profit from crime have devised an extensive variety of methods to keep these people out of prison and free to commit crime. The list of these methods is staggering, beginning with the devastating practice of gradually reducing the punishments for serious crimes over the decades. Additional methods of keeping criminals free to commit crime include probation, parole, suspended sentencing, concurrent sentencing, plea bargaining, diversionary programs, house arrest, sentence reductions for good behavior (which doesn’t actually require “good behavior” as any sane person would define it), sentence reductions for working while incarcerated, release to community work programs, providing asylum, amnesty, welfare benefits, and ICE detainer refusals for illegal aliens who are criminals by definition and commit additional crimes at an incredible rate, early release based on some made-up pretense (this happens regularly in the county I work in), and mass court-ordered releases (note the extreme hypocrisy, arrogance, and just plain wickedness of the supreme court judges – they condone constitutional rights violations of every manner when directed toward the citizenry but suddenly find it an emergency to misapply the Eighth Amendment on behalf of entitled, demanding criminals who are coddled, catered to, enabled by their government counterparts, and generally treated significantly better than our patriotic soldiers and veterans. If prison is so bad why is it such a popular destination?) Many if not most serious crimes are committed by individuals who should be in prison or executed but aren’t because of one or more of these tactics. (I have mixed feelings about capital punishment due to the high level of corruption among prosecutors as well.)

Here’s another method judges and lawyers use to encourage crime: Even when criminals are actually incarcerated, they receive endless taxpayer-funded amenities including free medical, dental, and mental care, high quality meals planned by a taxpayer-funded nutritionist including vegan and other special diets such as Muslim upon request, religious services, entertainment activities, sports activities, visits from family and fellow gang members (these visits are very expensive for the taxpayers to provide because they require extra security staff), access to telephones to maintain criminal relationships and enterprises, access to smuggled tobacco and drugs, hand-delivered mail, junk food, razor blades and all manner of materials to form makeshift weapons from, food items that can easily be used to make alcohol, et cetera. Jail and prison are also perfect places for criminal networking. The public is supposed to believe that rewarding criminals for committing crime won’t encourage more crime, but will somehow have the opposite effect. But lawyers are able to deceive carefully-selected jurors time and time again and convince them to sympathize with the criminals in court cases involving these issues. If you wonder why judges allow inmates to file lawsuits demanding outrageous privileges, this may provide some insight.

Gun control is an even more obvious ploy used by government to maintain high crime levels. How much more obvious could it possibly be that disarming the good members of society will embolden and enable the bad guys? Citizens who fall for this government lie remind me of a favorite quote by comedian George Carlin: “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

Also, consider this dialogue from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand:

“Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

So the police are expected by their political masters to be an integral part of a legal system that conspires to advance a corrupt government agenda of intentionally promoting crime. This conspiracy is accomplished by rewarding criminals (and forcing crime victims/aka “taxpayers” to pay for those rewards), turning good people into criminals via unconstitutional, immoral, and tyrannical laws and by perpetuating real criminal behavior against the citizenry by disarming the good members of society and keeping the revolving doors of the legal system spinning at an ever faster rate, and by enabling and luring millions of criminals from around the world with taxpayer-funded benefits to illegally immigrate to America. The role of law enforcement in this scam is to enforce the type of laws that Ayn Rand described and selectively enforce legitimate laws.

“But wait,” you might say; “the police are there to protect us! Our constitutional form of government is specifically designed to prevent the kind of behavior you’re describing! The police swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution! They want to prevent crime from occurring and they can’t help it if the rest of the legal system is broken! You’re making them sound like Nazi monsters!”

So there’s the problem. There’s a huge disconnect between what the public perceives the role of the police to be compared to what those in positions of government power perceive the role of the police to be. The public desires peaceful and safe living conditions and perceives police as public servants whose role is to protect them, uphold the rule of law, and defend the Constitution. The ruling class perceives the police as enforcers of their will; and their goals are to subvert the Constitution, replace rule of law with rule of men, steal the wealth of the People, enslave the population, and perpetuate and increase their own power. This difference of perception leads to confusion and denial in the minds of many Americans when they’re faced with police behaving as domestic enemies toward the citizenry. One purpose of this article is to explain some of the ways I believe the transformation of the police from their constitutionally legitimate role as public servants to their historic role as oppressors is taking place in America. The problems of police militarization and usurpation of local control by the federal government are related topics for further research; I’m going to focus on issues regarding local law enforcement administration.

It’s helpful to understand the structure of a law enforcement agency and the role each individual plays within that agency, as well as relationships with individuals outside the agency. The structure is based on chain of command similar to the military. (The police love to call themselves “paramilitary” and refer to non-police as “civilians” as if police are something other than and superior to civilians. More on this later.) One or more politicians are implicitly (as a mayor, city council, governor, et cetera) at the top of practically every law enforcement agency’s chain of command. Politicians are the de facto agency heads. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg emphasized this fact in 2011 when he declared, “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world.”

Before discussing the role of the police chief, sheriff, or federal agency director, some perspective is helpful. A police chief is appointed by the city’s political leaders. Even in a civil service situation, the political leaders have tremendous influence over the final selection of police chief. It’s realistic to believe that the political leaders of virtually all American cities are corrupt to at least some extent. Obviously, politicians would never hire a police chief who would investigate them! The goal of the city’s political leadership is to appoint a police chief who has an impressive résumé, a sterling reputation, and a high degree of public credibility, yet will remain one hundred percent loyal to them no matter how depraved their behavior is. (Former FBI Director James Comey demonstrated this type of loyalty perfectly.) In practice, this is easier than it sounds because the public is generally distracted and lacks the will, education, knowledge, and basic reasoning skills to properly evaluate the candidates. Human nature guarantees there will always be plenty of willing candidates due to ambition, greed, and lust for power. The head of a federal agency is appointed by politicians in a manner similar to a police chief. In the case of a county sheriff, the goal is the same as any other politician: Do whatever it takes to wield power and keep collecting a paycheck from election to election. Keep in mind that a sheriff can still be controlled to a large extent by tyrannical state and federal politicians through the mechanism of funding. Endorsements are also a method of control that politicians have over sheriffs. (That being said, it does appear that there are still several honorable sheriffs left in America. Recently-retired Sheriff David Clarke appears to be one such man. There have been numerous heart-warming examples of sheriffs who’ve refused to enforce unconstitutional gun-control laws as well, and even a few police chiefs.)

Regarding the roles of the individuals who comprise a law enforcement agency: The field personnel (officers, deputies, corporals, detectives, sergeants, et cetera) are what most people think of when they think of “the police.” These are the enforcement personnel and they are primarily the face of law enforcement. They are currently receiving the majority of the blame for the problems besetting law enforcement.

The police chief or sheriff is the head administrator of the agency. Assistant chiefs, captains, lieutenants, et cetera comprise the rest of the agency’s administration. Administration does not include field personnel.

In fantasy land, the role of administrators regarding officer morale is to foster a culture of honor and integrity. These individuals should be exemplary role models for upholding the oath of office and defending the Constitution, as well as for developing moral courage and enforcing legitimate laws for the benefit of society.

In reality, the actual role of the administrators is to act as agents of the politician(s) at the top of the chain of command by deceptively and coercively manipulating the field personnel into enforcing the politicians’ will. It’s convenient to have the administrators act as intermediaries between the politicians and the field personnel as a side-effect of the way tyranny is practiced in America. In many countries, everyone knows there’s a dictator in charge and that if one questions or resists the dictator the consequences will be swift and harsh. In such countries it’s no secret that the police are there to subjugate the populace. In America, however, there’s still a pretense that the government is serving the People rather than itself. This is the strategy that has been incrementally employed by subversives for decades. The deception even works on many police officers. Maintaining this deception requires an extra layer of manipulation which is performed by law enforcement administrators. Police officers are more likely to unquestioningly accept and enforce purely revenue-generating statutes and unconstitutional laws, as well as ignore criminal behavior by “protected classes” if the orders come from higher ranking law enforcement officials whom they identify with, rather than politicians. Basically, the administrators’ job is to get the officers to implement the agendas of psychopaths.

Here’s a chart to help visualize these relationships and the type of people involved. This chart is intended to represent a typical American police agency. A chart depicting an agency headed by an honorable sheriff as described above would hopefully look better than this example agency, and a chart depicting an exceptionally corrupt agency such as the Washington D.C. Park Police would look even worse. The descriptions in the chart legend are based on an aggregation of real people whom I have have been in close association with and observed under all manner of circumstances for many years including outside the range of “normal” circumstances, except the “Red” category which I have very little personal contact with, and no personal contact with anyone in the “Black” category.

Technical notes: The chart is meant to illustrate two important aspects of an example law enforcement agency; the organizational structure (chain of command), as well as an approximate representation of the type of individuals who fill the various positions. Out of necessity, the top three levels of the chart represent collections of individuals and are shown for perspective, while the lower levels represent individuals within the example agency.

The administrators act to ensure compliance by the enforcement personnel in a myriad of ways. The following are some of the methods administrators use to ensure that field personnel comply with and enforce the will of the politicians. The methods are divided into two categories. The first category applies to manipulation of the hiring process to screen out applicants that are most likely to resist corruption. The second category applies to manipulation of the officers themselves.

Manipulation of the hiring process:

Every police officer will proudly tell you that he was the one that was hired out of a pool of some huge number of applicants, oftentimes in the hundreds. The public and officers themselves assume this means the smartest, most qualified applicants are hired. This is a completely false and dangerous assumption for two reasons. First, as already mentioned, the government views the role of police much differently than the public does. Government officials are looking for employees who will blindly follow orders and betray their fellow citizens for money and make-believe prestige. Primo Levi, a Holocaust survivor, made this observation: “Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.” That’s not a flattering description of what the ruling class fills the ranks of their armies with. Second, affirmative action requires that a certain number of employees be hired with no qualifications other than race or gender. This is a built-in excuse used to justify hiring blatantly unqualified low-IQ bullies who will not question the system.

To illustrate this point, I’ll identify a few specific public expectations regarding police hiring requirements and compare them to reality.

Hiring requirement: Morality

Public expectation: Based on the assertion that America is a Christian nation with laws based on moral principles, reason dictates that proper and wise enforcement of those laws requires police officers to exhibit a high degree of moral integrity. The citizenry has entrusted police with the power to make decisions and take actions that affect people’s lives dramatically and permanently and therefore has a right to expect officers who are capable of making sound decisions based on legal and moral principles.

Reality: The fact that homosexuals are knowingly and intentionally hired is proof that moral officers are not being sought. Homosexuals are immoral by definition since their fundamental self-identity and worldview is based on behavior so morally reprehensible that it earned the Biblical description of “abomination.” Since homosexuals live in continual and open defiance of the laws of morality they are completely unsuitable as police officers. (Note that I oppose a religious test for employment, but do advocate for a moral test.)

When I applied for a law enforcement job I was given a political correctness test deceptively described as a psychological test. The test consisted of several questions that required written responses describing how the applicant felt about various political correctness topics. This is an indication that yes-men who parrot the cultural Marxist agenda are being sought. (Although, at least in my case, neutral answers were acceptable.) The purpose of this test appears two-fold, as it also sent the message to the applicant that if he wanted to be a police officer, he had to conform to (or at least not oppose) the immoral political correctness agenda starting at that very moment.

Further proof that morality is not a requirement in the selection process is the high percentage of moral cowards that are hired. Mark Twain said, “It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.” This is no more true than among police officers. Most officers have plenty of physical courage, but one who openly exhibits moral courage will be retaliated against until silenced. I’ve watched this disgraceful process unfold before my eyes on numerous occasions.

Hiring requirement: Intelligence

Public expectation: Officers should be intelligent enough to comprehend moderately complex ideas, issues, and situations. They should be smarter than average street criminals and at least some should be smart enough to handle sophisticated white-collar crimes.

Reality: This example of the conflict between public expectation and the reality of the police hiring process was revealed through a court case filed by a man named Robert Jordan several years ago. In this case the city of New London, Connecticut refused to hire Jordan because his IQ was too high. This case revealed that the extensive background checks and psychological testing are intended to identify what the government considers “ideal” candidates rather than what the public would consider ideal. It also revealed that one criterion is average IQ or barely above-average IQ. Average-IQ officers are much easier to control, they are easily dissuaded from investigating the crimes of the rulers, and they don’t mind having almost no decision-making discretion whatsoever. A side-effect from this lack of decision-making freedom that results in a vicious cycle is that officers do not develop the skills necessary to become competent leaders.

Some may argue that on the battlefield it’s undesirable to have thinking soldiers, that only the commanding officer may think and since law enforcement is “paramilitary” the same rules apply. Well, police officers aren’t soldiers and America isn’t supposed to be a battlefield.

Hiring requirement: Mental health

Public expectation: Highly mentally stable individuals should be hired who are most likely to successfully cope with extreme experiences.

Reality: Not only are mentally questionable individuals hired, but one thing the psychological testing is clearly not used for is eliminating mentally ill applicants. Individuals are hired who are so insane that they believe they are the opposite gender than they actually are. I’ve observed many other instances of legitimately mentally ill police officers over the years. I could give several examples that would surprise most people. Here’s one quick example: I once challenged a field supervisor (a particularly arrogant and authoritarian one) over a foolish remark he made. By the end of the conversation he walked away speaking gibberish and waving his hands in the air over his head in a full-blown mental breakdown. The pattern I observed is that the most arrogant “type-A” officers tend to be the most likely to be the ones who go home and put on a giant baby diaper and commit unnatural acts in their own feces. (That’s a true story. I’ve even watered it down a little.) Mental illness is also more prevalent at higher rank.

Police academies that apply high levels of stress to recruits in order to simulate real-world situations and better prepare officers to survive sudden, highly intense and possibly deadly encounters have been eliminated to accommodate mentally weak officers.

Here’s another example of how the background and psychological testing can be abused: A successful applicant must have a reasonably clean criminal history. A history free of criminal behavior could indicate a high moral character manifested in virtuous living, a fear of being caught, or blind obedience to authority. My opinion is that statists who display blind obedience to government authority are the ones actually being sought.

Psychological testing is a unique filter for police applicants. Unlike physical fitness testing or written testing in the areas of spelling, grammar, math, and memorization, it is subjective, opaque, and ripe for abuse. I don’t have any inside information about psychological testing but based on my observations I feel that this issue needs to be examined carefully by outside experts. No police department would disclose its psychological hiring requirements without a bitter fight. Acquiring documentation from a police department describing the psychological characteristics being sought would require a successful lawsuit based on a state version of the Freedom of Information Act. Police unions nationwide would also band together to block such an attempt.

Here’s an illustration of the issues with psychological testing: Ask yourself these two questions. 1) What type of person would you hire to arrest murderers, rapists, illegal aliens, carjackers, et cetera? 2) What type of person would you hire to arrest people who hold garage sales without permits? A normal person would give totally different answers to these two questions, but for a politician the answer to both questions is the same: “Hire someone who will do whatever he’s paid to do. If it’s politically advantageous to arrest real criminals, great – our officers will do that. If it’s more advantageous to arrest people for exercising constitutional rights, no problem – our officers will do that too.”

At this point I must admit that I was somewhat of a statist when I was hired. I would have a much more difficult time aquiring a law enforcement job today.

Hiring requirement: Principles

Public expectation: Anyone who desires a peaceful and orderly society should expect the guardians of law and order to be highly principled individuals, able to apply the law with wisdom and understanding of correct principles.

Reality: During the hiring process I was asked for my opinion regarding numerous political correctness issues, but I was never asked for my opinion regarding the Constitution or Declaration of Independence, rule of law, human rights, the basis for legitimacy of government authority and extent of such authority, sovereignty, or any other substantial issues involving principles. Topics such as these are deemed irrelevant before one’s law enforcement career even begins. As is often the case, what is not said is more important than what is said. The fact that applicants’ principles are never questioned or discussed shows that principled individuals are not being sought.

Hiring requirement: Physical fitness

Public expectation: Individuals in excellent physical condition should be hired. Police officers should be in a physical condition such as to have the best possible chance of safely overcoming physical attacks and resistance from criminals. Good physical fitness will reduce injuries and lost work time.

Reality: Physical fitness requirements have been lowered for both men and women many times over a period of decades to accommodate women. Even the minimal fitness requirements that still remain are often completely ignored to meet female hiring goals. This leads to the obvious consequences: an inability to handle the physical demands of law enforcement, expensive (for the taxpayers) medical leaves and retirements, et cetera.

So we see that law enforcement administrators specifically avoid hiring moral, intelligent, mentally healthy, principled, physically fit individuals.

In addition to the fake excuse given by New London officials that intelligent people will be bored with police work, police officials give various excuses for hiring objectionable officers. For example, they claim that society just isn’t producing enough qualified candidates. While that is certainly an issue of its own, I’ve already shown that administrators are intentionally disqualifying the best candidates due to a political agenda.

Another excuse is that biased media coverage of politicized incidents such as the justified shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has given police a bad reputation, which discourages qualified applicants. This is a diversionary half-truth, hiding the fact that administrators will feed any officer involved in a controversial high-profile incident to the wolves if it’s necessary to protect the political careers of higher officials. A smart would-be applicant would certainly identify this as a major career liability. I believe that truly qualified candidates are not intimidated by the negative media bias; the real issue for them is that they see what will be done to them by faithless administrators if something goes wrong. I was very aware of this issue when I was contemplating a law enforcement career.

In summary, police administrators intentionally screen out or dissuade by their perfidy many of the the most qualified, intelligent, independent-thinking applicants and give false excuses as to why they hire average-IQ statists instead, due to a corrupt political agenda. The hiring process itself is used to begin psychologically molding new officers.

Techniques used to manipulate officers after they’re hired:

Perhaps “techniques” isn’t really the best word to use – “behavior patterns” is probably more accurate. I’m not suggesting that there’s an instruction manual to teach administrators these behaviors. I am suggesting that there’s an intelligently and intentionally designed culture (originated by members of the “Black” group described in the chart above) that molds the thought processes and behavior of law enforcement personnel. This culture is perpetuated by simply rewarding desired behaviors and punishing or not rewarding unwanted behaviors. For example, notice that the most despicable large-scale behaviors of police receive the most political protection. On an individual level, certain behaviors lead to higher promotion rates. There is definitely a “glass ceiling” in law enforcement but it has nothing to do with gender – it’s based on the depth of moral compromise one is willing to make. The more one is willing to engage in immoral conduct, the more career opportunities open up. Most people, especially people of weak character, place self-interest ahead of principles and conform to this type of manipulation very quickly. (There are probably other less obvious methods in use that I’m not aware of.) These thought and behavior patterns naturally result in the following actions, which I’ve observed administrators use to manipulate and coerce police officers into enforcing corrupt agendas:

  • All departments have a probationary period for new employees that is typically one year. During this period (as well as during the police academy) the new officer can be fired without cause and some are fired, creating tremendous pressure to adapt to the cultural environment of the department. This pressure makes officers very susceptible to psychological manipulation. Administrators abuse this susceptibility. Political correctness, unquestioning acceptance of (bordering on cult-like worship of) administration, and other corrupt agendas such as the “us versus them” mentality that American police are so infamous for are heavily stressed.
  • The administrators use their positions of authority to create a “Milgram Experiment” environment. The administrators act as Experimenters, the officers are forced into the role of the Teacher, and members of the public are involuntarily assigned the role of Learners, only with real consequences. The police academy and the probationary period are just the beginning of one continuous Milgram Experiment that lasts as long as the officer is employed. Note that the original experiment left many of the unwitting participants (Teachers) psychologically scarred. Perhaps this is a factor in the high number of police suicides.
  • This scene from the movie Star Wars perfectly illustrates one of the most common methods administrators use to manipulate police officers. Here are some statements that are comparable to the phrase “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for:” “You don’t need probable cause or a warrant to conduct a vehicle stop and search if it’s at a sobriety checkpoint.” “Laws prohibiting the possession or carrying of firearms by law-abiding citizens do not infringe on the right of the People to keep and bear arms.” “Confiscating someone’s property without due process is OK if it’s called ‘asset forfeiture.'” “We can’t do anything about illegal immigration because that’s a federal issue.” In this case, the farce can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.
  • Administrators create a mindset of enforcement rather than public service. One way this is done is by obsessing over arrest statistics (including traffic tickets). Therefore an officer’s mindset is oriented toward making arrests and issuing citations rather than solving problems (which may or may not require making an arrest or issuing a citation). Public officials include revenue from traffic tickets in their budgets, so if the revenue isn’t arriving fast enough you can bet the police chief’s phone will be ringing. I once saw a police chief describe what happened when he decided to stop conducting unconstitutional sobriety checkpoints. Not only did the local political money-grabbers panic, but higher-level officials contacted him to express displeasure.
  • Administrators attempt to legitimize themselves as role models by bragging about ignominious things they’ve done in an open and positive manner, making it clear what type of behavior leads to rewards within the department.
  • When giving a particularly disgraceful directive, administrators often feign unity and sympathy toward the field personnel by stating something like, “I don’t like this any more than you guys, but this is what we have to do…” in order to shut down any possible dissent.
  • False praise is used to gain devotion from the officers. For example, officers may be told, “Because of you people, this is the finest law enforcement agency in the nation.” Hearing someone whom I know to be a criminally corrupt liar say something like that makes me want to laugh and vomit at the same time. Most police administrators are not capable of giving sincere praise because they’re too shallow to value things that are truly praiseworthy.
  • The words “sworn” and “professionalism” are re-defined. “Sworn” is re-defined to mean that one has promised to enforce every law regardless of constitutionality. (The oath of office in some states does in fact include a promise to enforce every law, obvious evidence that the ruling class views police officers as robotic enforcers of their will, rather than thinking individuals who are able to use discretion.) The actual meaning of being sworn is having promised to uphold and defend the Constitution, which precludes enforcing unconstitutional laws. Being “professional” is also re-defined to mean one enforces every law with no critical thought. Also, justly criticizing those in power or telling the truth about their corruption is “unprofessional” because it shows disunity and therefore weakness to the public.
  • Governments have a history of assigning dehumanizing labels to wartime enemies in order to discourage soldiers from feeling empathy toward them. For example, the United States government labeled North Vietnamese soldiers as “gooks” during the Vietnam War. Similarly, law enforcement administration dehumanizes the citizenry by labeling non-police personnel as “civilians,” as if law enforcement personnel are an elevated class. The propaganda produced by fusion centers is even more insidious. Veterans and citizens who support the Constitution and especially the Second Amendment are labeled as “domestic extremists” and “anti-government extremists.” Peaceful people are labeled “White supremacist extremists” for merely stating “It’s OK to be White” or for opposing the destruction of Western civilization by barbarians, while violent racist groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and La Raza are either ignored or downplayed. The intent is to manipulate police officers into fearing and hating the American people and considering them their enemies. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that administrators make a special effort to convince police officers that their biggest enemies are the people who pose the greatest threat to the corruption of their political masters.
  • Citizens are generally spoken of with disdain in order to further dehumanize them in the minds of the field personnel.
  • Avoidance of personal responsibility is not only encouraged, it’s actually imposed. The phrases “We’re good soldiers” and “We don’t make the laws, we just enforce ’em!” are stated with the intent of transferring all responsibility to some unseen, mysterious, all-powerful entity. The message is that it’s inconceivable for an officer to decide for himself whether or not a law or directive is legal and moral, and it’s an unquestionable law of the universe to follow all directives without thought or question as a matter of routine, and to be proud to do so. I heard these phrases used many times in the police academy.

    The phrase, “I’m just following orders” is also commonly used and perfectly acceptable within law enforcement culture, despite the fact that this was a defense used by Nazis after World War Two.

    Officers are also relieved of personal responsibility by being told they’re “Just a small cog in a big machine.”

    These are all relatively small but significant examples of “banality of evil,” a concept introduced by Hannah Arendt in the book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. Arendt was an observer of the Nazi trials. Her assertion was that large-scale government-coordinated evils such as the Holocaust are not conducted at the field level by fanatics, but by ordinary government employees who blindly accept the legitimacy of their government’s authority and objectives, and carry out their assigned duties believing that what they’re doing is acceptable and normal. This does not apply only to the military or law enforcement. For example, an accountant who works for your local tax collector, a DOJ attorney, or an NSA computer programmer who writes software that he knows will be used to violate the Fourth Amendment on a mass scale, could believe that what they do in the course of their employment is normal.

    The intent behind relieving officers of personal responsibility or even feelings of personal responsibility is to mentally numb them and reduce or eliminate their reluctance to engage in human rights violations or even atrocities against their fellow human beings.

    Note that the opposite is also true: Officers can be held responsible for acting responsibly and within the law and their department’s policies, when the rules suddenly change based on the whim of some arrogant judge. The concept described by Ayn Rand and quoted above is occasionally applied to police officers as well.
  • Describing law enforcement as “paramilitary” is intended to create the idea in the minds of the officers that the scope of the supervisors’ authority to give orders is somehow magically unlimited. Administrators desperately want this to be true. I recently saw an administrator and a field supervisor go to ridiculous lengths including lying and engaging in childish retaliation to enforce an unlawful order to one of my partners (illegal by being outside the scope of their authority, as opposed to ordering an unlawful act) that they couldn’t legitimately enforce. One of their excuses was, “Law enforcement is paramilitary. You have to do what we tell you.”
  • Intimidation, threats, and retaliation are employed against anyone who questions corruption or stands up for what’s right.
  • Critical or independent thinking is discouraged and mocked.
  • Asserting that the Constitution takes precedence over any court rulings or laws that violate it will elicit a very strong negative response from administrators. They know that this is a core issue and they must protect their political masters’ power by immediately squelching this idea. I have done this occasionally in the form of making an incontrovertible observation just to watch the fireworks ensue. Without fail, some administrator will step up to the challenge and disgrace himself.
  • All authority figures (judges, bureaucrats, et cetera) are spoken of with unquestionable reverence, demonstrating the “correct” attitude.
  • When police officers express frustration regarding the leniency of the court system toward criminals (real ones, not government-manufactured ones), administrators instinctively avoid acknowledging judicial corruption; instead they encourage officers to ignore it as something they have no control over, thus helping preserve the status quo of the “revolving door” justice system.
  • Lying to protect the reputation of one’s “superiors” and employing agency is demanded. The demands are phrased artfully, but they are clear. A Secret Service officer named Muhammad Abdul Raheem described this when he commented on how the Secret Service handled the killing of a woman named Miriam Carey. Raheem stated, “Lying is so prevalent, they don’t even have to tell people to lie. People are so programmed, they don’t have to be told to lie. It’s done out of fear.” (Emphasis added.) It would be interesting to see if Raheem received retaliation from his “superiors” after making this statement.
  • Administrators take advantage of the following phenomenon: Police officers quickly realize that they will be criticized by the public no matter what they do. For example, if an officer notices a particularly dangerous intersection and writes a few red light violation tickets, he will be criticized for not spending his time chasing real criminals. If he spends his time chasing criminals, he will be criticized when a traffic accident occurs and someone is seriously injured or killed because he wasn’t watching the intersection. This type of criticism is a real problem, but it should be dealt with in as positive a manner as possible. Administrators could respond by taking steps to establish meaningful communication with the community and by reminding the officers not to get discouraged and do their best to balance all the duties of being an officer with wisdom, courage, and compassion. Or they could capitalize on the situation to exacerbate the “us-versus-them” mentality by telling the officers, “There’s no point in trying to please the public. They don’t know what they want, they’re stupid, and they’re never happy no matter what you do, so there’s no point in trying to work with them.” Which is what they tend to do.
  • According to this article the FBI seems to take an even more blatant approach by simply telling agents, “Under certain circumstances, the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend the law to impinge on the freedom of others.”

There is a concept being employed by law enforcement administrators nationwide that serves both to dissuade psychologically sound individuals from pursuing a law enforcement career as well as to demoralize current employees. “Direct supervision” is the practice of placing one or more employees in direct contact with inmates while in custody, in the housing areas. What this means is that employees have to be in the actual jail cells with the criminals. Administrators claim this will aid in that mythical process known as rehabilitation. (So here we have a lie that placing staff members inside jail cells will magically rehabilitate the criminals, which is based on the lie that such a thing as rehabilitation even exists, which is built upon the lie that government actually wants to reduce crime. Awesome – let’s do it!) No sane person would want to do this. Placing staff members in inmate housing areas greatly empowers the criminals – both in and out of custody. Not only does this practice make enforcing laws and rules nearly impossible inside the custody environment, but providing such easy physical access to law enforcement personnel also allows out-of-custody criminals to direct retaliatory attacks against custody staff, reducing the effectiveness of law enforcement out in the world. Also, one of the psychological effects this practice has on the employees is called “shared punishment,” which means the staff members begin to identify with the inmates. Direct supervision will have a huge destructive impact when implemented on a mass scale nationwide. Although administrators claim direct supervision is such a wonderful idea, I’ve never heard of an administrator placing his desk inside a jail cell and conducting his work while surrounded by a bunch of diseased, filthy, smelly, brain-damaged, drug-addicted, violent criminals.

The end result of all this manipulation is that overall, police officers have become mindless, uncaring servants of some very corrupt, satanically-controlled enemies of the citizenry and are willing and in many cases eager to inflict oppression upon them.

Character issues in law enforcement

As indicated in the chart above, American law enforcement agencies are largely comprised of individuals with severe character defects. Based on my experience and observations, I’ve categorized police and their political masters by what I believe are the most relevant personal attributes for purposes of this article. From the top of the legend down, here’s a more in-depth description of these types of individuals. Of course, most individuals exhibit attributes of two or more of these primary categories and each individual exhibits varying intensities of these attributes. In general, the higher up the chain of command an individual is, the higher the stakes become and the more intensely he will display these characteristics. I had to do some estimating to fill in the chart, especially on the bottom row. Different departments in different parts of the country will certainly be comprised of different ratios of these categories of individuals. For example, a department in a “sanctuary city” which openly harbors illegal aliens or welcomes Islamic “refugees” would have a lot higher percentage of officers belonging to the “Orange” group, whereas a department in a non-sanctuary area probably wouldn’t have any at all. Federal agencies with no accountability to the People whatsoever would probably have even fewer members of the “Teal” and “Green” groups. Even so, I’ve personally known some federal agents who are very solid members of the “Green” group. I tried to estimate a national average for the bottom row. It appears to me that the upper rows are more standardized nationwide. Keep in mind that exact numbers aren’t important. What is important is to understand the type of people involved in law enforcement today.

The first two groups to be described are for perspective, to provide an overview of the framework that law enforcement operates within.

    • The “Black” group: As I stated earlier, I believe that the battle between freedom and enslavement is spiritual. Just as Jesus established his organization on earth as the Christian church, I believe that Satan exerts tremendous influence over the corrupt governments of the world, which are basically his organizations. Historically, the vast majority of killing and intentionally-inflicted human suffering in every form imaginable worldwide has been perpetrated by governments of one form or another. Only Satan himself could be responsible for so much destruction.

      The most wicked elements of a society tend to coalesce within its government. Large-scale destructive practices such as tyranny, wars of aggression, citizen disarmament and subsequent genocide of political dissenters, wealth redistribution by force, religious oppression, et cetera are perpetrated by government officials. These practices can be orchestrated by individuals and entities outside of government which gain and exert illegitimate control over government in order to use it as a weapon to achieve an agenda.

      America is an “in-progress” example of this principle. Although America was established as a free nation by the hand of God, the constitutional republic has been subverted by evil and conspiring men to the point that it now exists in name only. Please read Common Sense; Revisited by Clyde Cleveland if you’re unaware of the destruction and subversion of our constitutional republic. I cannot recommend this booklet highly enough.

      Therefore the “Black” group represents Satan as well as those individuals and entities under his influence who control government from the outside for nefarious purposes.

      Some examples of these outside entities include the United Nations, the international communist apparatus, the Federal Reserve and international bankers who profit from war and economic destruction, the military industrial complex, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, foreign governments, executives of pharmaceutical, agricultural, and other domestic corporations, large international corporations, et alia. Basically, the only people who don’t have any influence or control over the federal government regarding matters of any real consequence are the American citizens.

      The ultimate goal of the “Black” group is to form a worldwide totalitarian government and completely eliminate human freedom, hence their efforts to subvert legitimate police authority. This wicked conspiracy (or “secret combination”) is described in detail in chapter eight of The Book of Ether in The Book of Mormon. (Although the leadership of the Mormon church has fallen under control of far-left globalists with oblivious acceptance from the membership, The Book of Mormon still stands alongside the Bible as the greatest textbook on freedom ever written.) Pay particular attention to verses twenty-two through twenty-five, quoted here:

      And whatsoever nation shall uphold such secret combinations, to get power and gain, until they shall spread over the nation, behold, they shall be destroyed; for the Lord will not suffer that the blood of his saints, which shall be shed by them, shall always cry unto him from the ground for vengeance upon them and yet he avenge them not. Wherefore, O ye Gentiles, it is wisdom in God that these things should be shown unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins, and suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you, which are built up to get power and gain—and the work, yea, even the work of destruction come upon you, yea, even the sword of the justice of the Eternal God shall fall upon you, to your overthrow and destruction if ye shall suffer these things to be. Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you; or wo be unto it, because of the blood of them who have been slain; for they cry from the dust for vengeance upon it, and also upon those who built it up. For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the devil, who is the father of all lies; even that same liar who beguiled our first parents, yea, even that same liar who hath caused man to commit murder from the beginning; who hath hardened the hearts of men that they have murdered the prophets, and stoned them, and cast them out from the beginning.
      Anyone who doubts that Satan is ultimately at the top of the power structure of any corrupt government may read the words of a small group of individuals who stood for freedom against a socialist government. For their defiance these individuals were captured by armed government employees, placed in a guillotine, and a government employee pulled a lever that caused a weighted blade to cut their heads off. Can anyone who denies Satan’s role in corrupt government from top to bottom claim more first-hand knowledge and experience than these individuals? From White Rose Leaflet IV:

      Every word that proceeds from Hitler’s mouth is a lie. When he says peace, he means war. And when he names the name of the Almighty in a most blasphemous manner, he means the almighty evil one, that fallen angel, Satan. His mouth is the stinking maw of hell and his might is fundamentally reprobate. To be sure, one must wage the battle against National Socialism using rational means. But whoever still does not believe in the actual existence of demonic powers has not comprehended by far the metaphysical background of this war. Behind the tangible, behind that which can be perceived by the senses, behind all factual, logical considerations stands The Irrational, that is the battle against the demon, against the messengers of the Anti-Christ. Everywhere and at all times, the demons have waited in darkness for the hour in which mankind is weak; in which he voluntarily abandons the position in the world order that is based on freedom and comes from God; in which he yields to the force of the Evil One, disengaging himself from the powers of a higher order. Once he has taken the first step of his own free will, he is driven to take the second and then the third and even more with furiously increasing speed. Everywhere and at every time of greatest danger, people have risen up – prophets, saints – who are aware of their freedom, who have pointed to the One God and with His aid have exhorted the people to turn in repentance. Mankind is surely free, but he is defenseless against the Evil One without the true God. He is like a ship without a rudder that is given over to the storm, like a nursing child with a mother, like a cloud that dissolves.
      The “Black” group uses a variety of mechanisms to extend its power all the way down to the local level. One primary mechanism is extortion, propagandized as “funding.” Lawsuits initiated by the Department of Justice are another common mechanism.

      Here’s an example of a city council and police department whose actions are clearly dictated by elements of the “Black” group.
  • The “Red” group: These are the vast majority of federal, state, and local government officials who have submitted to some level of control by the “Black” group either willingly or by default as a consequence their own corrupt actions, or perhaps involuntarily or even unwittingly by implementing immoral programs in order to receive federal or state funding. The end result in all cases is the furtherance of the “Black” group’s agenda. The control may be direct or indirect depending on the prominence of the “Red” group member in question.

    Some prominent examples of the “Red” group include many members of the United States supreme court, various federal and state courts, congress, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Department of State, and innumerable bureaucrats, agency directors, state governors, and numerous past presidents (Democrat and Republican). Less prominent examples of the “Red” group include the majority of the rest of the government officials in America.

    Most of the federal agencies in existence today (ATF, the Department of Education, and Bureau of Land Management being some of the most glaring examples) are not authorized and in fact their actions are prohibited by the Constitution. Therefore functionaries of such agencies fall into the “Red” group by definition.

    The reality of the American political situation is that it is very difficult for anyone who seeks to exert government power over others, even (or especially) with altruistic motives, to avoid some level of submission to the influences of those who hold more power. And those who hold the most power of all are demonic.

    There is significant crossover between the “Black” and “Red” groups. For example, imagine a corporation that manufactures fighter planes. Such a corporation stands to profit tremendously from war. Considering that billions of dollars in potential profits are involved, it would be extremely desirable for such a corporation to purchase either an elected or appointed political office that would enable influence in this area for a high-level employee, such as within the Department of State or Congress. See this article for a discussion of such activities by the Monsanto Corporation. (Disclaimer: The author of this particular article is a self-admitted liberal. Therefore the article may contain some lies, but the principle is illustrated correctly.) Conversely, a politician that has been loyal to some corrupt entity during his time in office would certainly be eligible for a nice high-paying position within that entity after leaving public office as payback.
  • The “Purple” group: This is an extremely insidious group. American law enforcement is infested with this type of individual. I see their disgusting, arrogant behavior almost daily. These are members of that despicable portion of mankind which has existed from the beginning who will betray their fellow man for the gratuitous praise of their superiors and the prestige of rank. These are what Lenin labeled “useful idiots,” which Phil Worts described in his article Community (Communist) Oriented Policing thusly: “When Lenin was consolidating the Bolshevik revolution, he wrote how he would implement the communist bureaucracy without hardcore Marxist believers. While the elite rulers of his inner circle understood the structure he was building, Lenin said he would exploit the natural vanity and ambition of people to forward his agenda without them knowing what they were really doing. Eager to gain his favor and to enhance their political careers, they would fall all over themselves trying to promote his agenda. He called this type of people ‘useful idiots.'”

    Similarly, the lead translator during the Nuremberg war crimes trials, Richard Sonnenfeldt, made this interesting observation: “…In order to serve a dictator for years, you have to be someone who has no integrity, who has no pride, who has no conscience, who has no ideas of humanity about his own. You have to be a ‘yes man’ who does everything for material gain or rank. So the discovery that these Nazis who had been blown up into huge monsters were such ordinary people with no experience of the outside world and no morals was the greatest shock to me at Nuremberg.” When I first heard this statement I was astonished. He was perfectly describing the typical “Purple” American law enforcement administrator, which I am so familiar with, with amazing clarity. He could have just as accurately been describing my current shift supervisor! This quote is from the BBC documentary film series Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial Episode three: Rudolf Hess. Here’s the relevant clip.

    Nearly every police chief in America must be a member of the “Purple” group in order to gain the favor of the city official in charge of hiring him. (Imagine what a local police chief would have to do to keep this mayor happy!) And because people of such poor character can only tolerate being surrounded by sycophants, the next level of police administrators down the chain of command is almost guaranteed to be “Purple” to a large extent as well.

    This video shows a sheriff demonstrating many of the characteristics of the “Purple” group. The videographer has unrealistic expectations about the sheriff’s involvement in individual cases, but he does ask the sheriff some revealing questions. The sheriff appears at the 3:15 mark. During his conversation with the videographer, the sheriff acknowledges his loyalty to the legislature and shows a complete ignorance of and disregard for moral principles. When asked directly, he declines to state that he would not enforce an immoral law. He will not even state that he would refuse to enforce slavery laws. In my opinion, this is so significant that it puts the rest of his statements in perspective.

    The sheriff said, “If there’s a law on the books that I know to be immoral, I’d fight to change it.” This statement tells us quite a bit about this man. Are we to believe that a county sheriff with all the experience listed on his résumé doesn’t know of a single immoral law? What he’s really saying is that he will enforce any law the politicians and judges want him to and that he will never apply moral principles to his enforcement decisions. The local politicians must love (and endorse) this guy! Imagine how much more depraved this sheriff’s behavior will become as the state legislature becomes increasingly corrupt and tyrannical as illegal aliens, Democrats, and faithless Republicans continue to gain more political power in Texas, and the sheriff mindlessly enforces the legislature’s edicts. (It’s my opinion that due to demographic changes Texas is in danger of becoming another anti-American third-world socialist hell-hole like the Soviet Socialist Republic of California and moral cowards like this sheriff will contribute to Texas’ demise.)

    Consider this question, what type of deputies would this sheriff hire?

    Here’s one more video that does a great job illustrating many of the points in this article, including the spiritual aspect. A solid “Purple” administrator arrives at the 12:26 mark.
  • The “Blue” group: Problems created by officers in this group are the most obvious to the public because their behavior is so outrageous and visible. Many of them are sociopaths. You can watch these guys disgracing themselves all day long in “YouTube” videos. Like the “Purple” group, this represents a portion of every society.

    Police behavior like this should be a wake-up call to the nation. A common complaint (sometimes justified) regarding internet videos is that they don’t give the context of a situation or that they are edited CNN-style to present a false version of an incident. This video appears to show the incident from start to finish and there was no refutation of it when it was released. Can there be any doubt then that these officers are nothing more than mindless thugs enforcing the will of deranged lunatics? What we don’t see in the video is their department administrators molding them into the despicable failures that they are.
  • The “Pink” group: Everyone knows what a galactic disaster racist affirmative action policies are so I won’t dwell on this topic, except to point out that being non-White or female does not automatically place an officer in the “Pink” group. But very few women realistically meet the physical requirements of law enforcement. Imagine an entire police department comprised entirely of affirmative action women. No one can seriously argue that such an endeavor would succeed.
  • The “Orange” group: As more socialists, communists, Democrats, illegal aliens, Islamic extremists, and various other anti-Americans gain political power in America we will see a lot more of this category of police officer. They’re becoming common in “sanctuary cities.” Currently it’s difficult to differentiate political hires from affirmative action hires. But I believe there is a difference and as time goes by the difference will become more apparent. These are individuals hired specifically because they have no loyalty to America, its traditions, laws, or people. They are perfectly willing to protect criminal aliens, enforce sharia law, and oppress law-abiding citizens. These activities are beginning to be part of the job description for American police officers in general, just as they already are in countries like England, Sweden, and Germany. As American tyranny becomes more hardcore these officers may play a more prominent role.

    Minneapolis PD officer Mohamed Noor, a Muslim Somalian immigrant who murdered a White woman who was requesting assistance was an obvious political hire. Individuals such as this are nothing more than third-world thugs.

    Another example: A racist anti-American mayor who supports illegal immigration can easily pad the police department with officers from the “Orange” group. Here’s a video demonstrating this principle. This is an especially interesting incident because it also clearly reveals the relationship between the police chief (“Purple/Orange” groups) and the mayor (“Red” group.) Note the chief’s sycophantic behavior at the 8:51 mark.
  • The “Teal” group: I have many friends in this category. They’re good men with honest intentions who’ve been indoctrinated since youth by well-meaning parents and not-so-well-meaning public schools to be statists. They were never taught and therefore know little or nothing about the principles of freedom and have extreme difficulty seeing past their indoctrination. Had they been taught true principles from the beginning instead of government lies they would be great men and women. They are courageous individuals who will risk their lives for the public. They have enough of a moral compass and understanding to know that some of the things they’re doing are wrong. However, most of them intentionally avoid learning the truth about their situation because they don’t want to be responsible for it. This is their fatal flaw.
  • The “Green” group: Some of these guys are veterans. A few are former “Teal” officers who’ve woken up. I believe this type of person does exist within our society and the fact that more aren’t hired indicates the true motives of those doing the hiring. In the chart legend I describe this group as “ideal” from the public’s perspective, not the government’s.

    Fortunately I’ve found a niche assignment within my employing agency that allows me to work with almost all “Teal” and “Green” partners.

Perhaps the most universal and serious character flaw among police is that most of them blatantly violate their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution, which makes them liars. Every new officer swears an oath similar to this: “I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” Most officers are so uneducated regarding the Constitution and so brainwashed by the end of the police academy that this oath is meaningless to them and they swear it with absolutely no thought of actually honoring it, like zombies. This is a national disgrace.

Problems with law enforcement administrators

Just as the job of a madam is to groom new whores for a pimp, the job of law enforcement administrators is to groom new officers for the politicians and judges. The administrators are the “useful idiots” who subvert the hiring process and transform officers into company men who will arrest people for feeding the homeless or for exercising a constitutional right, who will dishonor their oath of office, and who will betray or even murder their countrymen.

Although police administrators are at the heart of most of the problems within law enforcement, they receive almost none of the blame. The public actually seems to consider them to be heroes. This is because the media (aka propaganda, disinformation, fake news) generally presents them as unquestionable authority figures and any police officer who dares to tell the truth about them will be severely retaliated against. Even if the truth was told (as I’m telling it right here) it would be too terrible for most people to believe. Here’s an example of how administrators are falsely depicted as heroic when they should be blamed for the harm they cause: The administrators are responsible for hiring new police officers and getting them oriented to their new job. I’ve explained the corrupt manner in which they do this. When one of these officers does something outrageous enough and causes a large enough public outcry that he becomes a political liability to someone important, the chief suddenly becomes the hero and disciplines or fires the rogue officer. The chief will pretend to be as shocked as everyone else. The public rarely if ever asks, “Why do you even hire people like this?” The fired officer will simply be replaced with another one of the same caliber in an endless taxpayer-funded shell game. I doubt any of these pawns will ever realize he was hired just to be disposed of in this manner. It’s shortsighted and unproductive to place all the blame on the officers and none on the administrators.

What happens when honorable police chiefs and administrators are replaced with men such as I’ve described? The culture and environment changes dramatically from the top down. Positive mechanisms of functional order that no longer exist must be replaced by false substitutes to preserve the power structure. This is exactly what has happened. Leadership has been replaced with bullying, confidence has been replaced with arrogance, genuineness has been replaced with pretense, respect has been replaced with fear, loyalty has been replaced with sycophancy, trust has been replaced with cynicism, courage has been replaced with aggression, and sense of mission has been replaced with self-interest. Law enforcement agencies have become “Haunted Palaces” as described by Edgar Allan Poe.

No matter how professional the police chief of your city appears, no matter how well-tailored his uniform, how shiny his badge, how sincere he looks and sounds, how good his excuses are, how much praise the local corporate news media bestows upon him, or how much lip service he gives to all the right things, he is a corrupt liar if he violates the Constitution (obvious examples are conducting civil asset forfeiture, conducting unconstitutional sobriety checkpoints, enforcement of any law that infringes on the right of the People to keep and bear arms, et cetera). The same goes for the officers. Sadly, this includes the vast majority of police in America. The common argument to refute this is that it’s not the executive branch’s job to decide whether a law is constitutional or not and you can’t expect police to be constitutional experts. That argument is true to a limited extent under certain circumstances. But if the general police culture, training, and mentality was centered around upholding the Constitution like they promise to do, that would solve most problems before they occur. I also believe it’s reasonable and absolutely necessary to have much higher expectations of the police than we currently have. They should be expected to stand for basic human rights and moral principles, which they do not. What else is the purpose of the oath of office? Relying one hundred percent on corrupt judges to decide constitutionality has lead to disastrous results. Determining constitutionality isn’t difficult. A man of unquestionable honor, divinely inspired wisdom and knowledge, and love for humanity, Ezra Taft Benson, gave us an easy method: “There is one simple test to the constitutionality of a principle. ‘Do I as an individual have a right to use force upon my neighbor to accomplish this goal?’ If I do, then I may delegate that power to my government to exercise it in my behalf. If I do not have that right, I cannot delegate it. If we permit government to manufacture its own authority and to create self-proclaimed powers not delegated to it by the People, then the creature exceeds the creator, and becomes master.” (From the speech Freedom and Free Enterprise)


As the last remnants of the constitutional republic are destroyed and rule of law is replaced by rule of men, honorable police officers are being replaced with faithless individuals who will enforce or ignore any law their political masters direct them to and who have no loyalty whatsoever to the Constitution or to the American People. Many of these individuals are willing to commit atrocities against their countrymen including disarmament and murder on behalf of their political masters. Until the American People accept this reality the situation will continue to worsen. No country is immune from human nature. This process is being directed by satanically-influenced entities and individuals and implemented by treasonous and manipulative law enforcement administrators. The transformation of the police has been happening alongside the destruction of America’s other institutions for many years. This is having a dramatic effect on freedom in America.

Probable future implications can be discerned from history. According to author Robert Gellately, “…almost all of the men who served in the various state police forces under the Weimar Republic stayed on in their jobs. In Würzburg, which is one of the few places in Germany where most of the Gestapo records survived, every member of the Gestapo was a career policeman or had a police background.” Gellately, Robert The Gestapo and German Society: Enforcing Racial Policy, 1933–1945 pages 54-55.

My goal is not to create divisiveness or animosity toward police officers. They’re doing that on their own and they are responsible for their own behavior. I just hope to shine a little light on the root problem of police behavior, which is that the American ruling class is following the millennia-old pattern that tyrants have followed to enforce their will since history began of employing that segment of society that will commit any atrocity for money. Today there’s a global element plus an extra layer of deception provided by law enforcement administrators, but it’s still just the same old scam.

One last video: Watch this video and decide if what I described in this article explains what you see.