My name is Dave, and this project represents my humble contribution to the cause of freedom and rationality in a corrupt and insane world.

One of my greatest interests is the topic of freedom. I also enjoy studying real history (much different than the false agenda-driven version of history taught in public schools) and learning about the principles that engender human greatness, spirituality, prosperity, peace, happiness, justice, creativity, and progress such as individual rights, personal responsibility, natural law, Christianity, education, property ownership, free markets, distributed power, et cetera. Conversely, I also like to learn about those principles that lead to oppression, enslavement, horror, destruction, and death such as citizen disarmament, collectivism, debt, religious extremism, propaganda and psychological manipulation, conspiracies, imperialism, uncontrolled immigration, entitlements, forced multiculturalism, immorality, centralized power, wealth redistribution, et cetera.

This project is a result of combining these interests with my desire to encourage a culture of determination to stand for freedom and resist aggression for the benefit of humanity.

I recently retired from a government career in the SSRC (Soviet Socialist Republic of California) and now enjoy life in northwestern Montana with my beautiful wife and our lovable pups.